Programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is basically the entire procedure of buying or selling the advertising space automatically. Previously, programmatic advertising was an entirely manual procedure, including ordering, setting up, and reporting on ads. However, now, any channels or formats can be easily accessed with the help of programmatic advertising Company in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It is with AI & machine learning that programmatic advertising works. It helps in automating the sale of ad inventory in real-time, which makes sure that ads target the most preferable & appropriate audiences. This entire procedure is dependent on various platforms to build an automated process, which leads to a reduction in the need for inserting manual orders.

Our team of certified experts could help you design and develop automated ads so you can enjoy the enormous advantages of programmatic advertising.

What are the different kinds of Programmatic Advertising?

There are different kinds of programmatic advertising; a few of them are mentioned:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Native
  • Search

Why is programmatic advertising important for advertisers & publishers?

Creating ad campaigns appears to be one of the significant ways to connect with the audience. With the help of programmatic advertising, one can save a lot of time and effort as it is automated, and so it will help you to analyze the performance of the campaigns in order to optimize it.

What are the advantages of programmatic advertising?

Indeed, before you switch to programmatic advertising, it's important for you to understand the different kinds of benefits and advantages it offers. You can check out the various benefits it offers:

It is efficient

You must know that traditional advertising does need a lot of time to process, conduct, negotiate or create orders. However, with programmatic advertising, everything stays streamlined & in sync. Advertisers could easily buy or place ads with the help of real-time bidding.

It is extremely easy & simple to use

Programmatic advertisers eventually make it immensely easy to sell ad space. As a publisher, you would be able to properly optimize your ads with the help of various tools, which ultimately curtail the time that is needed to seek genuine advertisers.

Provides real-time flexibility

One of the best functionalities of programmatic advertising is the real-time adjustment it offers. They help to create real-time data focused on the impressions & reactions of the audience in order to proceed with the broader targeting arena.

It is scalable

It is with the help of programmatic solutions that you can reach out to a larger group or audience. All you need to do is to purchase ad space or any inventory that is available. By utilizing programmatic advertising, you do not have to restrict yourself, you can enjoy excessive liberty.

It is capable of targeting.

It is with the help of programmatic advertising company one can utilize the budget and spend more effectively, ensuring appropriate results. It will help you to get better results and seek the best outcome.

It helps in communication.

Programmatic Advertising Services has deeper impacts on your target audience. It lets you communicate with your audience in a proper way. You would be able to communicate or share your exact idea or notion with the help of ads, which will ultimately grab the attention of your audience properly.

It maintains relevancy

Any visitor to the publisher's site will only see the ads that are relevant to them and not the ones that do not have any connection. Those ads will be seen by the target audience, which ultimately saves a lot of time as it gets wasted on making phone calls or dropping emails to track them.

Affordable and efficient

The cost of programmatic advertising services in Jakarta varies because it depends on different factors like the type of industry, target device, ad format, and ad placement. This procedure appears to be more efficient and affordable than social media advertising.

How can I measure Programmatic advertising?

Indeed, this is a good question, but you must know that one can simply measure programmatic solutions with the help of impressions, clicks and actions. Along with that, you can also measure key performance indicators KPIs which would fulfill your objectives.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Why should you choose us?
    • Our team of experts will help you enhance your targeting capability
    • Experience real-time measurable campaigns
    • We can help you increase your reach
    • Increased return on investment
    • We will enjoy automated advertising tasks
    • Enjoy flexible budget options
    • Impactful advertising campaigns
  • What are the different types of programmatic advertising?
    Display, video, native & search
  • What are the pillars of programmatic advertising?
    There are different pillars of programmatic advertising: setting up campaigns, choosing your target audience, deciding KPIs and channel mix and many others.