Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Is your core customer an Instagrammer or Tik-Tok enthusiast? A Facebook junkie or a Quoracious Reader. Or may be she is omni-present. Social media has changed the world people live, interact and consume content. Social media has as a result changed marketing too.

Wherever your customer may be spending her time, we’ve got you covered.

So how can we help you up your social media game?

  • 1. Showcasing your brand via exciting, relevant messaging & increasing digital exposure of the brand.
  • 2. On account of their ubiquitous presence & popularity, as well as handy audience segmentation features, social media gives your brand a chance to reach the most relevant audience. However, their immense popularity also leads to challenges related to messaging clutter and lack of attention span at the users’ end. Our team carefully weaves through this maze of social media taking your brand to targeted consumers.
  • 3. Developing & nurturing customer relationships – People love being part of a lively community. Nurturing such a community can go a long way in building brand loyalty & advocacy. Our highly attentive team uses cutting-edge tools to get the best out of our social-listening efforts, understand customer feedback, tonality, their needs and aspirations; and help you build lasting relationships with customers via actionable insights.
  • 4. Boosting traffic in search engine ratings– High quality content helps bring more customers to your websites, leading to increased traffic. Social media content also helps with SEO as search engines prominently feature this content. All our efforts are precisely designed to achieve this.
  • 5. Cut marketing costs– Compared to other conventional channels, social media is affordable. Yet when used smartly, it offers immense reach and business gains. Our team works to make your business effective & efficient at the same time with a smart strategy, plan and execution

We offer custom strategy and plans for your brand including but not limited to:

  • 1. Consulting the brand on Social Media Strategy and Planning. This would entail overall Social media strategy, weekly/monthly planning in terms of content, audience reach and engagement
  • 2. Managing Social Media profiles, encompassing:
    • Content Creation and Posting
    • Content Creation and Posting
  • 3. Reporting: Weekly and Monthly Reporting